Since when it was founded, almost 100 years ago, RUDOLF GROUP's secret of success is being big enough to matter, small enough to care.

In 2018 the RUDOLF GROUP realizes that there is an additional opportunity to redefine the future. lt decides to shorten the distance with apparel brands and retailers by taking the first steps of what will be a long and exciting journey through fashion's quintessential forge of innovation: garment and denim finishing.

HUB 1922 was born.

Product Catalogue
for Garment Finishing Auxilaries

From the molecular factory, a refined selection of highliy responsible chemical auxiliaries for garment finishing. In addition to delivering current aesthetics, this product range brings sophisticated functionalities that take denim to the next level in terms of environmental consciousness, performance and quality.


About HUB 1922

HUB 1922 is a newborn project that, combining German engineering and ltalian style, provides solutions at the crossroad of fashion and utilitarian functionality.

HUB 1922 introduces elements of unorthodox diversity rooted in deep scientific knowledge, true environmental responsibility, technical innovation and creativity.

HUB 1922 fosters collaborative efforts that can be truly disruptive.

HUB: The central or main part of something where there is most activity

1922 RUDOLF GROUP year of fondation

Spring/Summer 2020 Concepts









Fall/Winter 2019 Concepts







Careers at HUB 1922

We are pleased that you are interested in our company and your possible carreer with us. If interested, please apply by sending your updated CV and any other relevant information.

Denim / Garment Finishing Specialist

We are looking for professionals, who understand garment processing and can create new product opportunities based on novel, responsible chemistry and market needs.

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